Engage with Santiment.net in three ways

Play crypto financial games. 
Learn how to buy lows and sell highs, test out your new sentiment-based strategies and manage your crypto portfolio in a professional way. Our game environment is based on real-time data and you may even earn tokens with very limited risk. 

Connect your real trades to the platform.
Get in-depth performance and risk analyses, and a set of unique visualization tools you can leverage as you make trades.

Use our simple yet powerful sentiment journaling. Combined with either games or your real trading data, the Santiment.net journaling engine can help you to plan your trades and execute them. Besides, we will give you unique visualization of your psychological patterns, something we call "crypto trader DNA".



So can you really predict the market?

No, nothing is 100%. But you CAN get better by learning and practicing certain skills, and getting access to valuable information. Santiment.net is the world’s first crypto market intelligence platform that makes this possible.

Every investor and trader needs to make important decisions on a constant basis: when to buy, when to sell (or don't do anything) and how big his or her holdings (positions) should be at any given point. Timing these decisions often seems like a game of luck or chance. We believe though, that traders can spot these key turning points more accurately, on a more regular basis, given the right information at the right time.

Santiment.net opens these gates for you. Moreover, we invite you to contribute to the community knowledge pool by creating, sharing and selling your own valuable financial insight and content.


How does Santiment.net work?

Ever notice how things in crypto get really exciting, people start making crazy predictions, and suddenly at its highest point, everything turns for the worst?

Then at the pit of despair, when the crowd thinks all is lost, fortunes suddenly turn again?

We call this the "sentiment wave", and Santiment is all about measuring crowd moods so we can see points of greatest intensity forming, and act accordingly.


We are doing this by collecting, structuring and analyzing sentiment "big data" from our growing Santiment community and a variety of other market sources. The following two community-owned insights have begun to emerge:

We aim to open access to this data to researchers, data scientists, and interested traders via a specially designed API, so they can work on the data and create their own models and trading systems.

Giving back to the platform, our combined crypto market intelligence will grow. With implemented "partial disclosure" based on zk-SNARKs, information providers can always keep their identity private. Only the results of their work (authorized and verified by the platform) will be shared with the community.

Become part of a creative community and what you get back might change your crypto life for the better.

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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Maksim Balashevich

Serial product creator and entrepreneur, from early work at IBM to co-founding a successful hosting company.

After a 7-year break to study meditation, yoga, and modern financial systems analysis, he returned to introduce German quality to a social trading startup, then after 3 years left to follow a new passion... cryptocurrencies.

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Dimitry Palchun
Ethereum Scientist

Smart contract developer and Ethereum enthusiast. Developing our token design and "Zero Knowledge Proof" part of the platform. He brings more than 20 years of IT experience with him too.

Eugene Tartakovsky
Full-stack Developer

Full-stack web & mobile developer with a taste for beautiful UIs and seamless UX. Crypto trader. Makes everything user-facing come alive.


Tzanko Matev, PhD

Data scientist, number theorist, and software developer. Brings experience with backend logic and sourcery. New crypto explorer. Meditator.


Mitchell Loureiro
Marketing/PR Wizard

Experienced crypto-marketer and communications specialist. Focused on creating strong tribes. Analyzes market trends and social models in his spare time. Accepts tips in the form of dusty old books.


Igor Matyushkin
Mobile apps developer

Open source library craftsman and mobile app developer. All about that mobile UX.


Kim Carson
Designer & Copywriter

User-focused visual/interactive designer specializing in enterprise apps for web and mobile. Dreams in html/css and data visualizations. Wordsmither. Aspiring crypto trader.


Feng Jiahong
Designer & Illustrator

Design and visual druidess.
Creator of the Santiment brand, ants, and other magic creatures. Inspired by the adventure of the crypto world. Brings fintech experience, too.


Future Ant

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